About us

When I was young, me and my parents, later me and my own family, went to Germany to spend our vacation on a regular basis. Enjoying the beautiful scenery and socializing with each other has always been a great joy to us. Nevertheless, in every vacation we spent, I thought how I as the owner of a vacation property would do it better.

A dream comes true

In 2017, my wife, son and I caught the bull by the horns and we actually moved into the Eifel. One year later, we started renovating and renting out properties – not just any vacation homes but very special and exclusive accommodations in the German part of the Eifel. Our houses are special exuding warmth, nostalgia and romance. They are very exclusive as there are not many accommodations as complete and comfortable as our’s.

We guarantee you an unforgettable time in a cozy cottage in the peaceful surroundings of the Eifel.

We wish you a warm welcome in one of our beautiful vacation homes. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via phone call or e-mail. Good hospitality is our top priority. We speak Dutch, German and English.


John, Marian and Jan Dobbe